Josie’s Colourful Journey


Price: $95.00


Price: $95.00

These one-of-a-kind covers are “wet felted” by hand, using wool roving fibers in a wide range of colors. Embellished with wool, silk or other fibers.

IPAD case in royal blue/purple color. Embellished with wooly locks, jellyroll designs on surface, tussah silk accents and ribbon fringe on the inside.  Inside with quilted woven print, pockets for business card/iphone, pencil slot.
Made to fit the IPAD with finished specs of 9-1/2″wide (closed) x 11″ high.

Available to ship via USPS

*For custom made orders:  Contact me via email.  Please have available your current device generation (i.e. mini tablet , IPAD mini) in order for me to capture accurate size. If you prefer a size larger than your devise you will need to specify this when ordering.

Custom made orders ready to ship within 10-14 days from receipt of order. Special bundle orders require longer lead-time.

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