Josie’s Colourful Journey


FELT CREATIONS: Fiber Fun with Felt


Program: After School Enrichment Program for kids

Grades: 1st through 3rd/4th depending on the school

Duration: 8 weeks, 1 hour sessions

Class Size: 6-8 students

Where: Local NJ Schools


Did you know wool felt is the oldest textile, dating back to 6300 BCE? In this class we will use our hands to press merino wool fibers together using water and mild soap to create colorful, one-of-a-kind objects.

  • Felt covered soap
  • Key chains
  • Bangles
  • Wall Art
  • and more…

Bring your favorite small rock to the first class.   You will see how easy it is to get creative with wool, and have fun doing it.


Beginners are welcome!

Prerequisite: For your own safety, no wool allergies please.

If you have any interest in taking this class, please feel free to contact me at to find out when and where the next class will be held.

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