Josephine Dakers-Brathwaite, a fiber artist and quilter. As a young adult Josephine  spent a lot of time sewing for herself and family members.   As a descendent of quilters and tailors – including her mother, paternal and maternal grandmothers,  Josephine has always been surrounded by this artistry. Her love of stitching was further cemented when as a teen, her father attempted to teach her how to sew without a commercial pattern. It was a surprise to no one when she decided to pursue fashion professionally while in college.

In 2004, fueled with a yearning for more creativity, Josephine decided to try her hand at quilting. Her natural ability for needlework led to a new pastime and an increased love for experimenting with a mixture of color and pattern. This multi-media artist likes to combine different techniques including quilting, beading,  embroidery, and most recently developed a love for knitting.

In the last few years, Josephine has embarked on yet another creative journey and developed a deep passion for felting, and nuno felting which combines fiber with silk or other open weave natural fabrics to produce lightweight, lovely works of art that can be worn or used as an accessory. Armed with years in the fashion industry and her endless creativity, Josephine continues to produce beautiful and colorful works of art under “Josie’s Colourful Journey”.