Once again I’m working with the kids After School Enrichment Program and this season it’s 3 different schools, and grade levels.  Grades range from 1st through 5th grade.  We began with the basic felt ball and later developed different projects depending on the level of the class, and what the students wanted to achieve.   Most of the girls wanted felt bookmarks, key chains, earrings, soap but as they saw the possibilities they asked to make other things not on my original list including a snowman (3 felt balls); felt head or even head with torso.  If one child saw another making a different project it also sparked their interest.  Overall this session has been very exciting, challenging and motivational in terms of new projects.   The older kids are able to get one project complete and sometimes start a second within an hour.   Amazing!

Yesterday we started with a plan to make pumpkins, but by the time the hour was over we had pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and other objects we had not planned.  Take for example the 2 eyed penguin or the pumpkin with a 3D lower lip.

I also have 2 boys this session, so they started out making the same projects with the felt balls and evolved into making larger balls,  and other felt projects.  My favorite was the colorful felt scorpion or the marbled ball which the boy gave to the school’s Principal.
We’re also experimenting with ornaments for different occasions.

I did not take a lot of pictures as I’m working alone and don’t have the time.  Let me share what I have.


Above is the jack-o-lantern I made to share with the students,


Mr. Penguin
Happy pumpkin with hair


Felted bookmark with beads


felted key chains, bookmarks, pencils
work-in-progress ornaments/felted soaps  


My assistant at one school


Felted pencil with afro







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