Lincoln Center 2015

Yes, it’s been some time since I wrote my last post but if you’re on facebook you know what I’ve been up to.  I did the Lincoln Center event again this year and instead of one weekend I decided to do both (Oct 3/4th, 10/11th).  The first weekend started out with rain and cold weather so the turnout was not as expected , but by Sunday things were a lot better.  The sun came out and the people with it.  By the 2nd weekend, the weather was even better, and there was lots of excitement and fun at my booth.   Again, the popular items ranged from felted soaps, nuno felt scarves, and my new collection of Cloth Art Dolls.   The dolls were a hit and sold out, so I’m planning to come out with the 2nd Edition the first quarter of next year.  Between now and then I also have some orders to do which I previously committed to.

Instead of going into lots of details, let me share a couple of video’s from the photos taken by friends and family, and compliments from  T. Sterling Design Group.

Please take a trip with me on a Colourful Journey!  If you have an issue opening here is a link to part 1:


Link for part 2-
Lincoln Center 2015 part2



Thanks again to a fabulous crew of family and friends who make this all possible.  Special thanks to my husband Richard, brother-in-law and siblings who encourage me as I move on this journey.

best Josie

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