Redo of “My Favourite Hat”

I have always had a hard time finding hats to fit my head for one reason or another, so when I find something I like it generally gets a good wear.  Many of you who know me closely know my denim “bucket” hat.

Late last year I copied off the specs from this hat and put it aside, knowing one day I would try my hand at this hat.   Well yesterday, I finally had enough of my old hat and I took a pair of jeans and cut them up and made a new hat with slight modifications (i.e. little taller/wider crown, and wider circumference).  Instead of using a standard lining I took a nice navy/white print and lined the hat adding a solid ribbon on the inside, and a stripe ribbon on the outside.

Below are the results of a couple hours of sewing and a new hat, which can be worn on both sides.  Yes it’s reversible.   I think I will make a few more, modifying the crown to give it a more rounded and possibly some shorter crowns.   My lampshade hat looks a lot more trendy now.  I also have to add in the grommets so I don’t sweat out my new hat.  In the photos with 2 hats, the denim one on left is the original hat.

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