Last week I decided I would make a scarf for myself as an experiment with all sorts of embellishments and stuff.  Taking the orange variegated merino wool and melange silk as my base I proceeded on a journey to over embellishment this new scarf.    I added a fancy ribbon trim down the middle, a smaller one on each side along with wooly locks, bits of netting and other sheer synthetic fabrics.  I left a few open areas without wool at the ends to reveal sheer windows.  I also rolled up a few rasta locks ( and added to both ends of the scarf.   Basically, you take the wool fiber and roll it between your hands to make cord.    I think it came out pretty nice, but I could have embellished it more.   I have worn it and have received lots of comments.  Most people do not realize that I make this from scratch using dyed wool “fiber” + silk fabric to get the end result.
Below are some of the steps in the process + finished results.

1- merino wool fiber added not top of a yellow-orange silk (see it peeking through)

2- adding embellishments on top of merino wool fiber

3- fun part is adding the various embellishments to the fiber

4-finished scarf


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