Happy 2014

  First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, including friends and family.  I have not been on-line in over a month which is not good.   The news is good, as I have been so busy creating – knitting, felting and quilting.  I can’t share all today, but will definitely give you some highlights.

My cousin and I took part in 2 vending events in CT.  The first one, at the Hebrew Home and the 2nd at a church function.  Family and friends came out in a big show of support at both events.   My cousin, Linda, is a Jewelry designer, and she does lovely work so look for big things from her in 2014.  Below are some photos from the first event , including knitted hats/cowls, felted merino wool/silk scarves, and felted/quilted IPAD covers.

The biggest sellers were the knitted hats/scarves.

Merino wool “Josie’s Signature Hat”
merino wool “Josie’s Signature Hat”

nuno felted merino wool/silk scarf (green you see in the photo is the silk showing through the wool)

wool hat with curly cue ends
More updates coming in the next few days.  

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