Well, another week has gone by and I have not had a chance to update my blog.  Today, I said it’s a must as I have so much to tell you about.


I belong to the NJ Modern Quilt Guild which has a member listing of over 50 people.   I joined this group back in March, and have enjoyed the monthly meetings.   While it’s a “modern quilt guild” it does not exclude others who are doing more traditional quilts.  It today’s market, the modern quilting is becoming more and more popular, especially with the young, and newest quilters.   I have never been traditional so I’m finding the modern quilting more exciting, as it involves simple lines using a lot of negative space.

During the monthly meetings we talk/share what’s going on in quilting.  We also have a segment called   “Show & Tell”, where members or visitors can share their projects.

 Last month I participated in a “Challenge” from “Cloud 9“, a local fabric company.  This involved 3 fabrics from a new line + solid white.
The  guidelines for the block was no larger than 12.5″ on 2 sides, and the other 2 sides any size.   I came in 3rd place in this challenge which was exciting as this was really my first challenge. This is what my block looks like.  You can see all the other lovely blocks on the  “Cloud 9“site below.

More updates later…

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