KNITTING – another passion

Ok, some of you may be surprised as sewing has always been my biggest enjoyment.  As a young child I taught myself how to knit from a book, knit a few items then stopped.  I had too much going on at school including my “Viola”lessons.   About 7 months ago I was getting ready for yet another trip to Asia, when I stopped in at 2 Stix & A String, a yarn shop in Jersey City.  With the help of Karen, the owner, I purchased yarn, a set of knitting needles, and a simple tip book with DVD to get me started.  Karen was so kind to tell me it would be very easy to pick up knitting again.  I believed her, and 7 months later I am knitting hats, scarves, and now shawls the latest trend.

I try to visit “2 Stix” at least once a week, to sit, knit and chat with other knitters.   Oh, what a great community.
Here are some of the items I have made in the last few months.

My first hat -using a variegated merino wool yarn. I started this on the flight, and finished by the time I landed.


My 4th hat, where I took a basic silhouette and modified the stitching to create this texture in the hat.  My favorite hat.
Novelty yarn – cotton scarf knitted for my neighbor’s daughter



 Tri-color wool scarf using 1) super wash worsted wool, 2) Merino/baby alpaca/silk and 3)merino combo.

Tri-color infinity scarf and my first venture into the seed stitch.
well that’s it for today.  I’m sorry for the delay in post, but I was off on a short vacation.  Yes we all need that.


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