Colourful Baby Quilt

I promised my niece I would finish the baby quilt now that I completed the big project for Mother so yesterday I finished putting all the blocks together.   I’m really a free spirit when it comes to most of my quilting, whereas I will take an idea or a piece of fabric and build around it.
Step 1:
  In this case, my niece and I went to the fabric store, in Vernon CT.
My niece saw so many fabrics she loved, but the one that stood out the most was named “Noah’s Ark”…  Of course, I started thinking about how I could use this and immediately came to one conclusion.  This Noah’s Ark had to be the central fabric, and we would find other fabrics to surround it.   We then spotted this lovely collection of fabrics and immediately selected a few patterns that would work together.

Noah’s Ark- theme fabric
main ground fabric






Crayon-border plan



Step 2.   I created some rough sketches about what I had in mind (please see below).


Step 3:  Cut up  1″to 1-1/4″ strips of fabrics from some of the above, plus others in my stash.  Sew together.


Piecing and assembly of blocks takes time, so tomorrow more exciting photos to share.

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