Wet felting IPAD Garage

Hello friends, family and associates-

This is technically a test, as i have never written a blog before.  Writing is not big on my list of things i am great at, but i thought i would give it a try.  Last week i finished my first commission project – 4 IPAD cases/covers, or whatever you want to call them.  i call them my “IPAD Garage” as it’s a place i can park my IPAD where it’s protected, and also very pleasing to look at.   I started making these a couple of  months , and with each new one i find them evolving into something more special.  my first one was multi-colored with all types of fiber embellishments on the cover, and some on the inside.  i have been carrying my IPAD in this case since that day.   i love my IPAD cover, and you will too.  DSC_0079-cover DSC_0129

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